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From Hosted Property Management Web Services to Full Service Community Management:

"Protecting and Increasing Property Values & Creating a Sense of Community."

Do It Yourself, But Do It Efficiently with our Connect Web Service & Add On Modules
Grow & Collaborate With Your Community & Our Managed Service Offering
Sit Back, Relax, & Co-Exist - You Work Hard, Let Us Handle All of the Details


       Community Business Manager

Are you tired of tracking compliance and enforcement issues in your community?

Do you have onsite staff or major capital projects?

Are you interested in developing your Association business branding or human resource development?

Or, maybe your Association needs that Leader with a little "something extra".

For an Association any size, looking for a full managed service offering, our COEXIST! service module makes sure the Association, members, & the Board get the advice needed to mitigate risk and make good business decisions efficiently and effectively!  And with our Assigned Community Business Manager you'll get it all without the political drama & with quality and relaxation you deserve!


       Financial Management + DIY


Do you want to say goodbye to shoeboxes full of paperwork shipped to your accountant?

Looking for advice that will move your Association forward, mitigate risk, and ease the decision making process?

Does reviewing invoices for association disbursements and late night check signing parties give you nightmares? 

Are  you tired of delayed financial reports, unclear statements, and distrusting your accountant or treasurer?

For an Association any size, we've got you covered with our Financial Management COLLABORATE! service module. Receive full transparency in banking transactions, financial reporting, and make your audits/reviews and annual tax filings a breeze!


   Association Website & Communication

Does the thought of organizing paperwork, HOA communication, and community business make you cringe?

Is your Association on a budget, but you still want to increase the value and accessibility of your Association Information?

Are you a self-managed community that is having trouble tracking & sending communication to your community? 

Would you like to organize more social events in your community, but don't have the time to manage multiple calendars?

For an Association any size, avoid the monthly management fee and check out our Do It Yourself (DIY)  web service CONNECT! service module and add on additional modules a la carte to customize a service level as unique as you are!

"At Zeato, we understand your business and your life and 
we’re here to help ensure that your business doesn't run your life,
rather life drives what is important to your business."
Not sure which package is right for you?

It makes no sense to stand on your head trying to figure it out on your own... Schedule a demo now!

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