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1-855- MYZEATO (1-855-699-3286)




From Hosted Property Management Web Services to Full Service Community Management:

"Protecting and Increasing Property Values & Creating a Sense of Community."

We seek to grow with our clients by providing the services and expertise required to protect and increase property values, manage risks and align community interests​.  The client service offering is modeled under four key categories:​

Why do we need a "management company," and what does Zeato do anyway? 

​A management company is a professional services provider that is contracted by the Board of Directors, Owners, or Agent to provide services such as: web design, communication, collection of assessments, supervision & payment of subcontractors, obtaining bids for association services, financial statement preparation, as well as general consulting & serving as a "buffer" or clearing house for problem solving.  Zeato always focuses on protecting and increasing property values & creating a sense of community.  There are a lot of rules in HOAs, and other professionally managed communities, but that is just to help us get along as we CONNECT! ​COLLABORATE! & COEXIST!.  We want to make sure that every property we manage and mentor has a united voice and the power to make educated decisions and unlike most other professional managers, we are community member owned.  As a shareholder in our business we vow to treat you with respect, listen to your opinions, and work to resolve conflicts as a united team.  We are neighbors after all, so we want to get along!

We Understand 

The History of the Market

We Understand 

You & Your Community

Financial Reporting
Property Planning and Budting
Reserve Fund Management

Property Maintenance
Property Damage & Repair
Capital Improvements
Capital and Reserve Requirements
Project Management
Purchasing and Bidding

Governing Documents
Property By-laws
Real Estate and Property Transactions
Compliance with Local, State and Federal R.E. laws


Community Relations
Board & Community Training
Culture Assessment
Community Needs Surveys

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