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Important things are happening!  Zeato Property Management has a unique approach to managing your HOA.  We are constantly striving to provide innovative ways to solve community challenges, protect & increase property values, and ensure the community is united through our CONNECT! COLLABORATE! and COEXIST! services.  

Check out our story archives for news on Zeato Property or check out news in the industry by category.  We update this blog often with the latest in homeowner and property management news.

​December 19, 2012

Quick Tips to Winterize Your Home and Maximize Your Energy Usage

It sure got cold quick this winter!  If you've been enjoying the recent warm weather, it's time to give into the snow and change your closet from tanks and tees to sweaters. here for an MSN article "10 ways to winterize your home --now"


​Homeowner/Community buy of the month: 

 Black & Decker Thermal Leak Detector (runs about $30.00- $40.00)

This device is battery operated and will test your home's energy efficiency for winter saving you up to 20% on energy costs.  

See how it works by clicking here.

November 30, 2012

Zeato Property Management Launches New Website!

Zeato Property Management, LLC is excited to announce the launch of its new website.  The website features enhanced social media integration and self-service features along with easy navigation focusing on our clients needs.

The new website offers Facebook, Twitter, and Linked In acess, and comment areas.  For our builders, mortgage, and title companies we have also enhanced online access to the various forms. Finally, for any new clients reaching our website, instant appointment scheduling is now available.

Adding our Blog page, Zeato Property Management will better be enabled to CONNECT! COLLABORATE! and COEXIST! with our partner networks and our communities.  Our goal is to educate clients on the important information affecting the property management industry and your individual home.  All of this is part of our effort to protect and increase property values & create a sense of community.

We invite you to visit today.

Contact us by scheduling an appointment on our website or calling

1-855-MYZEATO if you have any questions about home owner associations, the property management industry, a new planned community, or your individual rental.  We are here to help and we are always just a click or a phone call away.


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