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COLLABORATE! -Financial Management | Starting at

COLLABORATE! -Financial Management | Starting at

Financial Management Back Office + DIY CONNECT! Website

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    We'll deal with the Finances, You can do the rest! The numbers always tell a story...or at least they should if they are organized and easy to understand. Say goodbye to shoe boxes full of papers shipped to your CPA at month/year end! No more useless Board meetings attempting to make decisions without easy to understand, transparent, financial data. Adios late fees on vendor bills and late night check signing parties! No more distrust between the Board and your professional management service on banking fund receipts or disbursements! Let our Accounting team organize dues, assessment billings, collections, and vendor bills into easy to understand reports, online approvals, and a searchable database where your board has 24/7 access and oversight of the financial process, start to finish, and an impenetrable 3 way-tie-over of your Association bank reconciliations and receivables process! You will also have access to a live client service representative during normal business hours. Including everything offered in the Integrated DIY CONNECT! Community Website, with our Financial Management Package we will also:​
    • Collect all funds due to the association.
    • Provide monthly paper or electronic billing statements to homeowners with
    remittance coupons
    • Provide for online & phone payment of assessments, by credit card or E-check
    • Monthly recurring ACH
    • Disburse funds for payment of all products and services.
    • Provide complete financial statements monthly.
    • Act as agent/liaison with financial institution(s).
    • We will make your audit/reviews and annual tax filings a breeze, coordinating with your professional partners, or using ours.
    • Coordinate with your investment adviser for the accurate transferring and reporting of funds for your reserve accounts.
    • Prepare resale and refinance documents as requested

    ... and the best part, the Board has access to view every detail and query our accounting system 24/7.
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