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What are PDF files?

PDF files (Portable Document Format) allow documents to be read and shared between different types of applications and computer systems. They are much more suited to longer documents than a web page is and have the added advantage of being easily printed. The PDF format was created by Adobe and in order to read PDF documents, you need to install their Adobe Reader software. This is free, does not take long to download, and is easy to install.

How do I get Adobe Reader?

Before you start the download, it is best if you close your web browser. The Adobe Reader software will integrate with your computer and any open web browsers, but the software may not do so correctly if you leave it open.  Simply follow the instructions on the Adobe Reader website until installation is complete.  Then, you may reopen your web browser.  When you click on a PDF link from the Zeato Property Management website, it will now open inside your browser window.  You will also notice a new toolbar at the top of the window.  Congratulations! this is the Adobe Reader toolbar that is now available to you for all PDF documents (not just the ones on our site).

How do I get the best function from PDF documents?

Using the Adobe Reader toolbar icons, you will be able to zoom in (+) or zoom out (-) to enlarge/minimize text and images.  You can also use the pointer hand to drag the page around to examine different parts of the document.  To print the document, simply click the printer icon on the toolbar or select file>print from the menu.  Most PDFs are optimized for printing, which means that you can very easily transfer the resources posted on the Zeato Property Management website to paper to read at your leisure.  Also, most smart phones will download this information and leave an offline copy saved in your downloads folder.  Similarly, by using the save icon (it looks like an old square "floppy disk" drive image) you can keep a local copy of the PDF for your personal files and you won't have to revisit the web page, where you found the original link.

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