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Budgeting, Long Term Planning & Business Strategy

Budgeting, Long Term Planning & Business Strategy

For a concierge full service offering, Zeato’s Community Liaison can also give your property a strong set of tools to lead better decision making.  We will pull out our white board to map out your business and customize a package that fits your needs.  Then, we will manage the process start to finish and give the Board only the information and advice they need to make good business decisions.*  

*Additional fees may apply
  • Details

    Here are some examples of the topics our staff has experienced before:

    • Short and Long Term Budgeting Services
    • Referrals for Investment Techniques and
    Partner Resources
    • Tax Services
    • Strategic Direction Alignment
    • Special Assessments
    • Property Plans
    • Vendor Selection
    • Project Oversight
    • Separate Project Budgets
    • Review Meetings & Project Plans
    • Community Project Calendars
    • Payroll Functions
    • Onsite Staff Training & Development
    • Onsite Staff Management Oversight
    • HR Manual Development
    • Culture Assessments
    • Payroll Taxes
    • Timeclocks
    • Benefits Administration
    ...and much more

    The results: everything we do translate into protecting and increasing property values while maintaining a sense of community.

    ***Prices are based per meeting per hour. This online tool was created as a guide to help Boards budget, actual charges for your specific property/contract may vary based on topic and/or volume pricing. Call us for details 855-699-3286.
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